Frequently Asked Questions

Is HireSphere an applicant tracking system (ATS)?

HireSphere fits in between a job board and an applicant tracking system. Currently, HireSphere receives resumes from job boards such as Indeed, Dice, and Monster directly from recruiters (who either upload or forward resumes to HireSphere). Additionally, you can upload promising, HireSphere-ranked profiles directly into your ATS. We are pursuing integrations with popular job board sites to streamline this process even further.

Does HireSpere have an applicant tracking system(ATS)?

When creating a job in HireSphere, we provide a Job ID field to easily match HireSphere records with your applicant tracking system. At present, we are researching integrations with popular applicant tracking systems to simplify the process. At the same time, HireSphere already provides all of the critical features of an applicant tracking system for most small and medium businesses.

What makes HireSphere different from other recruitment software?

There are two major types of recruitment software: job boards and applicant tracking systems.

Job boards such as LinkedIn, Dice, Indeed, and Monster include the resumes of active (and passive) candidates. Essentially, these services provide recruiters with bulk candidates.

Applicant tracking systems help improve recruiting efficiency by shepherding applicants through the hiring process. This includes functions such as basic candidate filtering, acting as a resume repository, tracking interviews, and more.

HireSphere takes the best of both worlds - and makes them even better. We’re building an extensive database of candidate profiles, far more in-depth than what individual job boards or ATS software collects. Using this information, we gain a better understanding of candidates for a more thorough evaluation. Then, with our sophisticated algorithms, we evaluate each candidate based on your unique job requirements. As you continue to use our tool, personalization and machine learning allow for even better results.

Where is HireSphere available?

While HireSphere is available throughout the world, it is supported for US-based clients only. Make sure to follow local regulations when using HireSphere.

Is a credit card required to create an account?

Nope! We want to give you the opportunity to use our tool with ease and without the frustration of having to enter in payment details. So go ahead and use HireSphere - for free!

Is my information secure?

Yes. Your information is secured using the latest encryption technologies, and we will never sell your data to 3rd parties

How does the algorithm work?

The algorithm uses an ever-expanding list of applicant data points to compare against job requirements. This includes the applicant’s resume, social media activity, and technical repository and Q&A platform contributions to help you get a better picture of the person you are considering hiring.

The algorithm continues to improve by regularly adding more criteria to define the qualities of a good candidate, including data points such as qualifications, cultural fit, willingness to move jobs, and more.

Additionally, the algorithm gets “smarter” as it learns the characteristics* of the people you chose, so future resumes are sorted according to your preferences.

Can I upload resumes from LinkedIn?

Yes. We accept resumes in either Word or PDF format. LinkedIn allows you to download profiles into PDF format, which you can then upload into HireSphere.

Is there a sign-up or monthly fee?

At launch there will be no sign-up or monthly fee. As we continue to add more functionality, features, support options and more, we will introduce a tiered pricing model.

How do I find resumes to put into HireSphere?

Most recruiters use several sources to find resumes, including job boards like LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed, and even Google searches. We plan to integrate with job boards to optimize this process.

Are there any usage limitations?

Currently there are no usage limitations - even for the free tier!

What jobs can I rank candidates for?

Due to the high demand for technology workers, we are presently focusing our efforts on tech-related roles. Also, because we have to train the algorithm for each role, specializing in a subset of roles allows us to maintain high accuracy. Over time, we will expand into non-tech areas.

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